Specialty coffee,
anywhere, instantly

On a hill. In a forest. By the sea.
On a flight. Or even at home.

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From Latin American farms straight to your cup,
without losing its original flavour.

Let’s just say, it’s instant coffee that doesn’t
taste like instant coffee. At all.

Kohe Colombia

Kohe Colombia

1 Box (10 x 1,8g pouches inside)
Kohe Brazil

Kohe Brazil

1 Box (10 x 1.8g pouches inside)
Kohe Colombia

Kohe Colombia

100% Arabica, La Guamera farm,
Caldas, Colombia

1 Box (5 x 3.5g pouches inside)

All you need
is hot water

Taste of gourmet coffee combined
with the convenience of instant coffee.

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KOHE is Chemex in my pocket on the move:
planes, hikes, hotels

- Annar Alas
Coffee People